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Game of Pips Trader Wins $50,000 Forex Trading Jackpot

August 4, 2015

The Game of Pips Live Forex Trading Contest is over and the results are in! TEN highly skilled competitors traded their way to the top to claim generous CASH prizes from the $100,000 prize pool! Plus, all of our winners will also have the chance to become Investment Managers in the NEW FXTM Investment Program.

Our 1st Prize winner, ZHIANG, claimed his crown and a massive 50,000 USD cash jackpot, closely followed by bonekmania in 2ndPlace who won 20,000 USD and Mohd Johar Resni in 3rd Place who came away with 10,000 USD.

We would like to congratulate our Top 10 and to thank all of the brave-hearted forex traders who competed in the Game of Pips, our most exciting live trading contest yet!  

The Winners

PlaceNameCountryPrize (USD)
3rdMohd johar ResniMalaysia10,000
5thSamuel DihanNigeria5,000
6thDjunaedi WinataIndonesia3,000
7thEunmi ChenRepublic of Korea2,000
8thFifiyana CendrasatyaIndonesia1,500
9thJacey GroenewaldUnited Arab Emirates1,000
10thOluwafemi Mark IbrahimNigeria500

Winning Feedback from the Top 10!

Take a look at what some of our 10 cash prize winners told us about competing in the Game of Pips, their winning strategies* and how they claimed their place at the top of the leaderboard.

Samuel Dihan – “i started trade just previous year and you see how good im, im proud of me! my strategy is to believe in myself, i read a lot. this year is perfect for trading! I just want my money to trade more, you are amazing guys!”

Eunmi Chen – “I used a 15 pips stop loss for every trade and the opening and closing time was a great time to trade!”

Fifiyana Cendrasatya – “Demo contest has no risk because not real money, but Game of pips used real money so each participant should trade carefully and more serious. There is no special strategy, I am just following daily trend sometimes watch RSI (Relative Strength Index).”

* The trading strategies listed here were disclosed by the winners of the competition. ForexTime does not support or endorse any of the aforementioned strategies and the contents of this post should not be misunderstood as investment advice. ForexTime reminds that such type of strategies may not be suitable for all investors and results may differ between demo and live environments.

NEW Live Trading Contest Coming Soon …

We will be launching a  NEW contest soon, giving you the chance to showcase your forex trading skills to win top prizes! Existing clients will receive an invitation to register for the upcoming contest direct to their inbox.

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