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Changes in conditions of WTP calculation

January 21, 2013
Dear clients! 

Weltrade company always tried to provide the best conditions and high-quality service for the clients. Within development of the Forex market it was decided to change the structure and direction of company's development - the transformation from Market Maker in ECN / STP broker. This decision was primarily due to the construction of the customer relationship. The technology of trade on the basis of ECN/STP represents a transparent and modern platform which doesn't create the conflict between the trader and the broker and forms the most favorable environment for trade and profit. On ECN accounts clients conclude bargains with each other that excludes charge of bonus means for trade. 

In this regard, from 01.02.2013 amends the procedure for calculating WTP for transactions, namely:
  • All our clients who entered the club and make trade operations, are guaranteed to get points before the accumulation of 20,000 points. Thus at accumulation of 10000 points and more, they can be transferred to real money at any time and to withdraw from trading account, or use for trade.
  • All our clients who were already registered, but didn't enter the club, can still manage to make it till 01.02.2013, and to take part in the "Points for Trade" program.
  • Charge of WTP stops after accumulation of 20000 points.
  • The "Points for Trade" program and charge of WTP won't be available to all new clients registered after 01.02.2013 inclusive.
  • In case that there was absolutely no transactions on MetaTrader 4 trading account from the moment of the accession to club and till 01.05.2013, WTP will be automatically cancelled by the system.
If you have additional questions, please refer to the live chat on our site, we are always glad to help you! 

Weltrade Team
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