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We updated our Micro Cent accounts.

September 11, 2018

We recently updated the trading conditions for our Micro Cent accounts. As of 15.09.2018, the maximum trade size on this type of account will be 50 lots.

Not familiar with our Micro Cent account? It is a variety of trading account made specifically for traders who prefer small investments, which is why you won't need to make big deposits or worry about maintaining high equity at all times. It is perfect for getting used to the Forex market and trading with real money but with extremely low risk, since the deposit amounts are so small.

You can replenish your Micro Cent Account with a small deposit which would be displayed in cents and would appear 100 times bigger. In this way you can trade without worrying about volume and free margins.

Sounds interesting? Open a Micro Cent account now and try it for yourself!

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