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We’ve increased leverage to 1:2000!

August 19, 2019

Dear clients,

We’re glad to inform you about the improvement of margin trading: the highest leverage for Classic MT4 accounts is now 1:2000!

With new opportunity, you reduce margin by 2 times, keep more free funds on the account for maintaining high margin level and trade expensive assets even with a small initial deposit.

For example, with leverage 1:1000 for one-lot EURUSD trade you need margin of 100 000 EUR / 1000 = 100 EUR. With leverage 1:2000 for one-lot EURUSD trade you need margin of 100 000 EUR / 2000 = 50 EUR. And that is 2 times lower!

Due to increase in leverage, some paragraphs in FreshForex regulatory documents will be changed.

Starting from August 21, 2019 the following changes in Regulations for trading operations will come into force:

1. The paragraphs 4.4, 4.5.1, 4.5.2, 4.5.3. are changed.

2. The paragraph 4.5.4 is deleted.

Use the trader’s calculator to calculate margin for needed assets.

Please note, leverage 1:2000 is available for accounts with balance not exceeding $1000. If your balance is higher, leverage will be decreased automatically in accordance with paragraph 4.5.2 of Regulations for trading operations.

Risk warning: due to rapid change of prices on financial markets trading with high leverage (low margin requirements) may lead to both large profit and large loss.

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