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March 14, 2018

Dear traders!

We are glad to announce the start of promotion: participate and win 2018 FIFA World Cup tour. The prize includes both tickets and booked boutique-hotel apartments!

Get registered, charge your account with 200 USD or more and become a participant of #GOFIFA2018promotion.

Traders-participants collect scores during the promotion that derives from both trading and depositing the funds to the trading account. Each participant can monitor the points crediting and follow up his/her current position among participants in Trader's room. More information can be found here. The one who gets the greatest score at the end of each promotion step will get the ticket to 2018 FIFA World Cup and booked boutique-hotel apartments in the heart of Saint-Petersburg!



  1. Promotion consists of three steps.
  2. Each step has only 1 winner.
  3. Promotion periods:
    • 1st step: March 14th - April 3rd - 1 winner;
    • 2nd step: April 9th - May 4th - 1 winner;
    • 3rd step: May 7th - June 1st - 1 winner;
  4. As soon as one step ends the results are setting to zero before new one starts.
  5. Prizes are :
    • 3 tickets for 2018 FIFA World Cup, in Saint-Petersburg
    • 1 ticket to match on July 10th of 2018 at 21:00, semifinal in Saint-Petersburg
    • 2 tickets to match on July 14th of 2018 at 17:00, game for 3d place, Saint-Petersburg
  6. Beside match tickets the winner also gets the prepaid room for two days in boutique-hotel including the breakfasts.
  7. Any trader of FortFS who charges the account with 200 USD or more can take part in promotion and in case the account is taking part in promotions launched by the Company.
  8. Accounts of FLEX, FORT and PRO type can take part.
  9. S.T.A.R and Newbie account types are not taking part in this promotion.
  10. Points are credited for the orders performed on accounts taking part in promotions and of FORT, FLEX and PRO types as well as for the deposit charging of such accounts.
  11. Three winners will be selected among the particip ants who gained the greatest scores during the particular promotion step. Each step has only one winner.
  12. The fact of registration for the Campaign in case of victory means that the Participant agrees to: the interview including radio, television and other mass media; use of his/her picture (photos, etc.) by the Organizer for advertising; use of his/her name by the Organizer for advertising without any supplementary payment; the copyright of advertising materials which were made applying the above mentioned items are reserved by the Organizer.
  13. The winner is able to receive the prize only after ID or passport validity is checked and delivery acceptance certificate is signed. The delivery acceptance certificate shall include: full name, date, ID data, phone number with the country and city codes. In case the winner does not provide such information, the organizer reserves the right not to award the winner.
  14. The pictures of the winners will be placed on the official website of FortFS as well as in all social medias of the company.
  15. The winners will be selected:
    • 1st step - April 7th of 2018 at 12:00 GMT+3
    • 2nd step - May 5th of at 12:00 GMT+3
    • 3rd step - June 2nd of 2018 at 12:00 GMT+3
  16. If for some reason the winner is not able to get the prize than it automatically goes to the next winner in the list in accordance to the rating table.
  17. In case at the end of any of the promotion steps two or more traders will show the same results, the winner will be the one who made the initial deposit of 200 USD or greater amount earlier - If the winner refuses to accept the promotion terms and conditions the participation in the promotion to be canceled.

T&C of points crediting:

  1. For first deposit of 200 USD paid in order to start taking part in the promotion the points are credited using general scheme.
  2. Get 1 point for each new deposit of 10 USD charged to the trading account.
  3. Get 1 point for each 1 standard lot (100 for the cent accounts).
  4. 1 point is minused for each 10 USD withdrawn off the trading account.
  5. Points are not credited to the trading accounts balance of which consists of the bonus funds only.
  6. In case the trader charges two or more trading accounts with amount that suits the promotion terms the points will be paid for the total deposited amount.
  7. In case of any fraudulent activities are revealed (such as: receiving of the bonus by one client on several profiles; trading from several profiles by one client; lots generating without any trading purpose; multidirectional trades; any other violation of the Client agreement and Rules of proceedings for bonuses and promotions; etc.), the Company reserves the right to cancel the account off participating in promotion and setting to zero all previously gained points.
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