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New at Alpari: Binary Options, Cent-denominated Accounts and CFDs

September 2, 2013

Dear Clients,

Alpari has significantly widened its lineup of trading products and given its clients a number of new markets to trade.

One of the key new additions at Alpari is binary options trading. The introduction of binary options comes thanks to Alpari’s new partnership with Binary Products Limited. Alpari will offer trading on binary options through an agent agreement with this company. Binary options will give Alpari traders the opportunity to earn money by predicting the price movement of popular currency pairs and spot metals. Contracts with expiration ranging from 3 minutes to 1 hour will be available to trade in the new OptionTrader platform, and Alpari clients will have the opportunity to open accounts denominated in US dollars and euros. Alpari believes that there is a lot of potential for binary options in Russia in the CIS. They are incredibly easy to work with, even for those with little or no trading experience.

Alpari clients trading a standard.mt4 account will also gain access to CFDs (Contracts For Difference) on commodities, indexes, ETFs (Exchange-Traded Funds) and stocks listed on NASDAQ and the New York Stock Exchange. CFDs will give Alpari clients the capability to capitalize on rising as well as falling prices in these markets.

The final addition at Alpari is an account designed with beginning traders in mind: the nano.mt4 account. This new account type gives traders the opportunity to trade with real money, but on a much smaller scale – the amount of funds required to open a position on a nano.mt4 account is 100 times less than with traditional trading accounts. This will allow novice traders to get a feel for the psychological aspect of trading with real money, something that a demo account can’t do. There is also no minimum deposit on these new accounts, which are denominated in "US cents" and "Euro cents".

"The widening of our product lineup is a significant event not only for Alpari, but for the market as a whole. As a leader in the industry, we help set the standards. Our products are frequently copied by competitors. Our persistent efforts to improve our trading terms and the continual expansion of our lineup of products and services are key to our company’s lasting success. The first half of 2013 provided no exception to this trend of sustained growth: Our trading volume in Russia and the countries of the CIS was up 67%, in excess of $788 billion, and the number of accounts at Alpari was nearing 1 million," announced Alpari CEO Boris Shilov.

Best Regards,

Source:, "New at Alpari: Binary Options, Cent-denominated Accounts and CFDs"

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