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FXOpen Launches Deposits with OneCard: 0% Commission All Summer Long

June 14, 2013

June 14, 2013. FXOpen is glad to announce the introduction of a new deposit option. From now the company will allow funding your accounts in FXOpen via OneCard – an Arabic e-shopping company, providing online payment and shopping services since 2004.

Under the terms of the summer-long promotional campaign, FXOpen will fully cover OneCard commission for depositing, which now amounts to 3% per transaction. Starting from June 1st to August 31st OneCard payment system is charging 0% of the funds added to FXOpen account.

OneCard services cover all Middle East and North Africa. OneCard cards are available at over 9 000 retail stores in 17 countries and can be used for different purposes, including depositing in your FXOpen account.

To get further details on how to add funds to your account with FXOpen, please, see FXOpen Help.

OneCard is one of the most convenient and secure online payment methods in the Arabic world. FXOpen favors the opportunity of cooperation with OneCard processor and sees it in the long run.

Follow the discussion on FXOpen Forum.

Best Regards
FXOpen NZ Limited

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