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New ForexBall™ trading competition offers training and social networking options – and $500,000

February 21, 2013

Tallinn – February 20, 2013 – More lucrative, more global, more educational: On February 25, 2013, the all new Admiral Markets ForexBall™ competition will start. Registration opens February 21, 2013, at The international trading championship has been given a general overhaul, adding many innovative features with a focus on the training and educational aspects of a demo contest. Under the slogan “100 hours of trading” the refurbished ForexBall™ contest will run weekly throughout the entire year, with every round lasting from Monday 10am (GMT) until Friday 2pm (GMT). A total prize pool of more than half a million US dollar per year will be distributed amongst successful players.

The overhauled ForexBall™ is the most comprehensive training and learning opportunity and therefore is particularly suitable for beginners. Starting with $10,000 in an Admiral Markets demo account, contestants have 100 hours of trading to generate profit. The new website equips participants with all the information needed for successful trading: The contest homepage features economic and financial news, Forex market analyses, webinars and related articles.

“Most Forex contests simply stress the competitive aspect. But competing with each other alone rarely generates benefits for participants after the round has ended”, says Dmitri Laush, Executive Vice President of the Admiral Markets Group, about the idea of the contest. “With the ForexBall™, we created a more informative and interactive competition. The new ForexBall™ does not only run all year long, thus giving participants a chance to track their progress long-term. It also generates value for players beyond the actual competition, by providing a comprehensive education and information section, as well as many social features.”

In the new ForexBall™ community, contestants can view other players’ profiles, check their trading history and connect with fellow traders. In the forum, participants can exchange views, discuss strategies or share information. “Combining education offers with social networking makes the contest particularly interesting for beginners”, explains VP Laush. “The contest is the ideal introduction to the Forex market for novices: It contains absolutely no risk of losing money, offers training and information – and of course it is fun to play in a community.”

The ForexBall™ is a truly global competition, bringing together traders from all over the world. Contestants will compete on a global level, but also in divisional rankings against players from their own region. The five divisions are: Europe, Russia and CIS Latin America, Asia, and Rest of the World.

Trading in the ForexBall™ championship is lucrative: The Admiral Markets Group awards $541,000 per year to the most successful contestants. One prize pool of $445,000 goes to the best traders of the weekly rounds. In each of the five divisions, the three top earners receive prizes: $1,000 for the first place, $500 for the second place, and $250 for the third place. Furthermore, a second prize pool of $96,000 will be available for the traders with the best monthly results: Independent of the division, the three most profitable players of the month will receive $5,000, $2,000 and $1,000 respectively. “The two prize pools reward both short-term as well as long-term success”, says Laush. “This way, traders have an incentive to continually improve on their strategies – even if it’s not enough for this week’s jackpot, the monthly ranking still rewards continuously high performance.”

About the Admiral Markets Group
With 12,000 active clients and a total monthly trading volume of $35 billion, the Admiral Markets Group is a leading online Forex trading provider, as well as an emerging trading platform for precious metals, CFDs, stocks and fossil fuels. Since its foundation in 2001, the Admiral Markets Group has continually expanded its range and reach. In 2011 alone, the company experienced a growth of 70 percent. Today the Admiral Markets Group offers its services in 35 countries worldwide through its regulated trading companies, with Admiral Markets AS and Admiral Markets PTY holding licenses in the EU and Australia respectively. The company employs a staff of around 200 people globally. Recognizing its growth and success, the Admiral Markets Group was awarded the "Best FX Broker for the Baltic Region" and the "Best of the Best" Award by The New Europe magazine in 2012.

Franziska Roscher, PR Manager
e-mail: [email protected]
phone: +44-20 81 44 62 28

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