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The World of Trading 2014 in Frankfurt

December 2, 2014

The biggest trading expo in Germany – World of Trading was held on the 21st and 22nd of November 2014. Admiral Markets UK was the proud silver sponsor for this grand event with over 6 thousand visitors. It was the 4th time for Admiral Markets to participate in Germany expo, but it was more special this year as this was the 10th anniversary of ‘The World of Trading’.

Among many interesting affairs, Admiral Markets occupied a majestic stand. Trading workshops took place in the stand hosted by the charismatic professional day trader Jochen Schmidt, who digged deeper in fundamentals of the Forex market. Admiral Markets’ advanced approach towards Financial education of it’s clients and strive for technology perfection was demonstrated in presentations and seminar about ‘What moves the market?’

The director of Admiral Markets Germany - Jens Chrzanowski has expressed his enthusiasm for the expo, he believes it provides a decent chance for everyone to understand the situation in the industry and helps build good relationship with traders and industry enthusiasts. He further added that, “The World of Trading is an opportunity to reflect our excellent services to the public. The stakeholders deserve to know who they are dealing with, and we are demonstrating our values, beliefs, and concern for the people through transparency and education.” Jens briefly spoke about the new ‘flagship forex’ account of Admiral Markets which is setting the benchmark in the forex industry.

Participants did not just leave with satisfaction and knowledge but also with giveaway – a mobile phone charger with the logo of Admiral Markets. The expo was a great success in securing the trust of the respected traders. Jens concluded that, “No one can say what the future will bring, but Admiral Markets will be setting the benchmark with new accounts, marketing and customer support.”

At the moment Admiral Markets is among the most critically acclaimed Forex and CFD brokers with it’s superior “1 pip spread on Dax” trading condition and vastly enhanced MetaTrader 4 Supreme platform.

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