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New trading conditions for pending orders

August 16, 2021

Dear clients,

We continue to improve trading conditions to make your trading more convenient. We recently added 58 new big-name stocks. Currently, 122 shares are available to our clients for trading, among them, for example, #Moderna, #PepsiCo, #Booking, #Netflix, BATobacco, #EAgames, #AMD, #Airbnb, and many others. You can find more shares here.

In addition, from August 5, all pending orders for CFDs for shares now have the GTC status — "Good Till Cancelled", and are accepted indefinitely. This means that you can independently limit the validity period of pending orders.

Stock prices are very often influenced by various world events. So last week, shares of biotech company Moderna increased by 17.1%, reaching $484.47 per share. The price then plunged 15.6% after the EMA (European Medicines Agency) announced that it was beginning to investigate possible side effects from their COVID-19 vaccines, trading at $385.33 per share. Impressive dynamics — perhaps this company will become one of your favorite instruments.

By opening a short trade with 1 lot, it was possible to earn 7000 USD per trading day on this price movement. To open such a trade, it was enough to make a deposit of 500 USD, which would increase to 2000 USD with a '300% for each deposit' promotion.

Follow our news to always be aware of new promotions and changes in trading conditions!

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