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Dukascopy Bank: crypto-funding available for test

November 8, 2018
Preparing the launch of Dukascoins ICO, Dukascopy Bank (or "the Bank") announces the Live testing of its crypto-funding functionality, which is an important element of the infrastructure built by the Bank for operating with crypto-currencies. What does crypto-funding stand for? This is the bridge between the client’s account with Dukascopy Bank and a crypto-currency wallet of that client in blockchain. The new functionality allows the Bank’s customers to deposit and withdraw funds to/from their crypto-fundable accounts with the Bank in the form of crypto-currency transfers. In the framework of that service, top-ups and withdrawals are possible only from/to a blockchain wallet where the client is the sole owner.

The top-up of a client’s trading account is made through a one-time receiving address generated in the blockchain wallet of the Bank. The client has to preliminary declare the amount of the transaction and further confirm it providing a unique blockchain transaction identifier (TXID). Deposited crypto-currency will be automatically converted in the fiat currency chosen by the client and credited to the client’s account with the Bank.

When withdrawing funds from a crypto-fundable account, the funds will be automatically converted into crypto-currency and sent to the client’s blockchain wallet address. Withdrawals will be possible only to the client wallet, which would be initially declared by them as a blockchain wallet where the client is the sole owner. All addresses used for the top-up and withdrawal operations of the client will be examined on involvement in illicit or suspicious activities.

During the testing period of the service, the total (net) deposits on the crypto-fundable account is limited to 50'000 USD per client. Participation in the tests of the crypto-funding mechanism will be allowed only for trading accounts and only in Bitcoin. Clients who are interested in participating to the Live testing of this new functionality are invited to contact their Account Managers.

The Bank assures all its business partners that it will apply the highest industry standards of AML and a very careful approach in relation to the operations and accounts of clients associated with the usage of crypto-currencies. All AML requirements applicable to the transactions in fiat currencies are equally applied by the Bank to crypto operations. Specific monitoring methods unique for blockchain industry are used in addition.

Further, the Bank plans to extend the use of this functionality to its own crypto-currency – Dukascoin, which is awaiting a green light from the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority FINMA.

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