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* Rebate per 100,000 EUR/USD lot


Premium Trading represents best brokers on financial markets.

We pay you a Premium – rebate up to 80% of our remuneration which we get from brokers on each trade you make.

All you need is to trade as you have done before!

The obvious advantage is that, with Premium Trading, once a month, you get a rebate up to 80% of spread (or commission) paid to brokers on each transaction, regardless of the result!

We never extend spreads or charge extra commissions, our service is totally free for you!

Premium Calculation:

Example 1

Let us assume that your premium is 1.4 pips, you work with EUR/USD currency pair and perform 1 transaction per day by 1 lot.

Your premium per 1 trading month will amount to:

$14 (cost of 1.4 pips) * 21 (number of days) = $294

Example 2

Let us assume that your premium is 35% of spread, you work with GBP/JPY currency pair and perform 5 transactions per day by 1 lot. Spread on GBP/JPY, for instance, is 6 pips.

Your premium per 1 trading month will amount to:

$78 (cost of 6 pips) * 35% * 5 (transactions per day) * 21 (number of days) = $2,866.50

And how much do you overpay with your broker? Find out your premium amount in Premium Calculator!

We guarantee:

  • Absolutely identical trading conditions and service quality, as if you opened an account directly with your broker!
  • Extra remuneration for each transaction no matter if it is profitable or not, up to $100 per lot!
  • The highest rebates. If you find a better offer, tell us and we will do our best to provide you equal conditions!
  • Free consulting support on choosing a broker, opening and maintenance of your trading account!

How to get a Premium:

1. Sign Up for free.
2. Choose an appropriate broker, open an account using the link on our website or transfer your account to our agent group, following the instructions on the broker description page.
3. Add the broker’s account number to the Profile.
4. Start trading and expect notification on premium payment from Premium Trading!

Premium payment terms: depend on the broker, but normally from 5th to 15th day of the next month

If you have already an account opened with a broker represented on our website, in most cases, you may get a Premium! Simply click on the "Get a Premium" button on the broker page and follow the instructions.

Forex trading can involve the risk of loss beyond your initial deposit. It is not suitable for all investors and you should make sure you understand the risks involved, seeking independent advice if necessary. Risk Warning. Privacy Policy. Registration Agreement.