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New flat commissions on stock CFDs!

November 11, 2019

Admiral Markets is excited to share that trading stock CFDs has just become even more accessible with new flat commissions!

Previously, our MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 accounts charged a variable commission rate, depending on a trader's monthly volume. Starting from USD 0.01 per share, commissions were charged per lot, which meant that, even at our competitive rates, trading could become expensive for high-volume traders.

As of November 11, 2019, we are pleased to say that we are implementing flat commissions for each one-sided transaction on stock CFDs (Contracts for Difference)! The new commission rates are:

  • USD-denominated share CFDs: 1 USD
  • EUR-denominated share CFDs: 1 EUR (including Finnish instruments)
  • CHF-denominated share CFDs: 1 CHF
  • GBP-denominated share CFDs: 1 GBP
  • DKK-denominated share CFDs: 5 DKK
  • NOK-denominated share CFDs: 5 NOK
  • SEK-denominated share CFDs: 5 SEK

What difference could these commissions make to your trading?

You can see the impact of these new commissions with an example.

Consider the following trade:

  • Account deposit currency: USD
  • Instrument traded: #GOOG
  • Volume traded: 1 lot
  • Order type: Buy
  • Open price #GOOG: 573.15
  • Close price #GOOG: 575.15

Using the old commission formula, you would have paid a commission of USD10:

Commission = Contract size x Commission per 1 CFD x Rate of USD to account's deposit currency (USD)

Commission = (1 lot x 100 CFDs on Google stocks) x 0.10 USD x 1 = USD10

With our new flat commissions, you could make the exact same trade but pay a commission of just USD1! This leaves more money in your account.

If you're an existing Admiral Markets client, these commissions will be applied to all current and future US, UK and EU stock CFD trades. If you're new to Admiral Markets, click the banner below to start trading with our flat-rate commissions today!

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