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Grand Capital launches stock ETFs for trading

September 17, 2020

Grand Capital introduces stock ETFs, a new group of trading instruments for Standard, ECN Prime, and MT5 accounts. Starting from September 21st the list of available stock ETFs will include GLD, VOO, IWM, QQQ, VEA, SCHD, and USO.

Since 21st September Grand Capital clients will be able to invest in stock ETFs (Exchange-Traded Funds). An ETF tracks securities that certify the legal ownership of shares in a fund’s stock basket. The composition of an ETF can be similar to that of an index portfolio, but the former is more flexible and quick to change.

“ETF CFDs are a popular instrument among traders and investors because they are managed in accordance with more balanced and transparent rules. These instruments demonstrate smooth price movement even during periods of high volatility for individual stocks and indices. ETF CFD trading is a sure way to cut your trading losses,” said Goutam Das, our Director of Development in Africa.

The following symbols will be available for trading since September 21st on Standard, ECN Prime, and MT5 accounts at Grand Capital:

GLD, SPDR Gold Trust  – a trust with 100% gold-backed shares, the company’s own reserves.

VOO, Vanguard S&P 500 ETF Cutler Group, LP (NYSE) — a part of the prestigious fund portfolio of the investment company Vangaurd. It is characterized by low costs and high liquidity.

IWM, iShares Russell 2000 ETF Susquehanna Securities. The fund invests over 90% of its assets in shares of Russell 2000 Index components. Most of the fund’s assets are held in stocks of financial services, energy, and healthcare companies.

QQQ, Invesco QQQ Trust, Series 1. The composition of the fund is similar to NASDAQ-100, and mirrors the index’s behavior to a high degree of accuracy. This popular ETF is among the more liquid instruments of the stock market.

VEA, Vanguard Tax-Managed Fund FTSE DM. Another Vanguard’s ETF. It mirrors the behavior of FTSE Developed All Cap ex USA Index that includes shares of Canadian, European and Pacific companies.

SCHD, Schwab Strategic TR US Dividend Equity ETF SCHD Schwab US (NYSE). The fund invests at least 90% of its assets in shares of Dow Jones components.

USO, United States Oil Fund LP. An oil fund whose stock price usually follows the oil prices.

ETFs are becoming more popular every year: today, the total trading volume is estimated at over $5 trillion per year. This can be explained by the fact even two or three ETFs are enough for a full-fledged balanced investment portfolio, with significantly lower risk at the same time.

Trade ETFs on Standard, ECN Pro and MT4 accounts. Increase your profits with a 40% bonus for each deposit.


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