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The EXNESS Website is Available in 6 New Languages

December 9, 2013

Dear clients and partners!

We are pleased to announce that on December 9, 2013 EXNESS is launching localized versions of its official website into 6 new languages. It is currently available in Urdu, Bengali, Japanese, Czech, Polish and Hungarian.

As you know, EXNESS is an international company operating around the world. We take into consideration the unique characteristics of traders from different parts of the world. Starting today, our clients from Pakistan, Bangladesh, Japan, the Czech Republic, Poland, and Hungary can get information faster and easier - without the need for online translators or dictionaries. This means the EXNESS website has become even more accessible to traders from different countries.

Note that the company's official website is currently translated into 23 languages. However, we're not finished. Indeed, every year our company grows more and more actively, and is becoming more well known, expanding its geographic reach in Europe, Asia, and other regions.

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